There are many Word PDF Converters. What shall I choose?

Hundreds of people ask this question every day. The modern technology is very complicated. No wonder it is getting more and more difficult for an average user to find a good program. Things are even worse if you are looking for a program fro your word not personal use. You can not make mistakes here.

Word and PDF are probably the 2 most widely used file types in the web today. Many inner file are in Word and they should be converted to PDF for distribution. Here come the Word PDF converters.

A good Word PDF Converter shall be easy-to-use but have enough settings for every conversion. In plain words the converter transfers data from one file type to another (Word to PDF in our case). The tough point is the accuracy. The output file should look identical to the source file. Many word pdf converters can not guarantee that.

Total Doc Converter is the master of Word to PDF conversion. No matter how complicated your word document is our program will create a perfect PDF copy of it in minutes. Note that it can work in a batch mode and convert hundreds of Word files at a time. Give it a try now - download the free trial version. Total Doc Converter has a user-friendly interface. It may be rocket science inside but is very simple for the end user. All settings are done step-by-step with the help of the wizard of the program. Total Doc Converter does not require any special knowledge. A 5-eyar old boy can convert Word files and get perfect results.