5 Reasons To Convert Word To PDF

  1. The exchange of documents in the PDF format has become a de-facto standard nowadays. More and more companies send out their presentations, business offers or contracts in PDF format. PDF is a trusted format. That means that receiving a file in PDF people are more likely to open it.
  2. PDF is secure. If you do not want the document to be changed or edited PDF is your choice. You may allow viewing or editing or only adding comments. PDF is the only format for documents that need to be sent in a change-protected mode.
  3. PDF is widely accepted. A PDF file can be viewed by the free software. The support of PDF format is built-in in many software applications.
  4. PDF files always look the same. No matter what viewer or printer you use the layout will be preserved and the fonts will be the same.
  5. Archiving. Many companies prefer to archive docuemnts in PDF format for future reference. So they convert Word to PDF first.

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