How To Convert Word to PDF With Total Doc Converter

To convert Word to PDF follow these simple steps. First, download and install Total Doc Converter. Then launch it. You will see the main screen of the program. Select the folder with Word files from your file tree in the left panel. The list of files will be displayed in the middle panel. When you select any Word file it will be automatically displayed in the Preview Window.


You tick the Word files you want to convert and press PDF button. Then the Wizard of the program comes up. It will guide you through the settings.

First, you set the destination folder. This is the folder for the output PDF files. You may select the existing folder or type in the name of a new one, Total Doc Converter will automatically create it. If you place all the PDF into one folder press Set this path as default button. Next time you convert your Word files to PDF Total Doc Converter will suggest you teh same folder.


Then you select the paper size and orientation. Note that Total Doc Converter support both common sizes (A3, A4, A5, letter, etc.) and custom sizes. Custom sized are defined by you in inches. If you want the program to place every Word page to a new PDF file tick the appropriate option.


The go the next step. It's about margins. Playing with PDF margins you get the most accurate result.


Total Doc Converter allows setting the properties of the resulting PDF file. Type them into the fields. If you do not want to set any properties just leave the fields blank.


All the settings are done. Jump to the last step and press Start button. In few seconds find the PDF files in the designated folder. Though we offer an option Delete The Originals we highly recommend to be careful about it. If you delete your original Word files you won't be able to reconvert them to other formats or with other settings.


Total Doc Converter convert Word files to PDF as well as to HTML, TIFF, JPEG, XLS, TXT. In other words, it's all-in-one solution to convert word files. Total Doc Converter can be run via command line. Find the command line parameters here.